Cornwall Stormont Self Storage   www.selfstoragecornwall.com

When we decided to build our self storage facility, we contacted Monster Minis for pricing and to get information about the design process.  Not only did we receive competitive pricing, they also walked us through the site plan approval and arranged for Architectural review and approval of the building layout on our site. 

Having Peter and his crew install the first 4 buildings made economic sense as they did the job very efficiently.  It was an easy decision to have Monster Minis back to install 2 more buildings on the same site.  I have room for future expansion and plan on having Monster Minis back again.  We are very happy with our self storage buildings and our choice of Monster Minis. 

John and Sheila Auger


Etobicoke Self Storage   www.etobicokeselfstor.com

Beginning in 2008, Monster Minis has been installing their interior storage system in our facility.  The size of our building made it necessary to phase in our storage units over the years to make it a more economical project.  Monster Minis installation crew led by Peter have done a great job.  Their efficient work has made interruptions to our customers minimal and quickly provided us with new rental units to offer.  The finished product looks great.  We are more than happy with the results. 

We have more square footage to convert and will definitely have Monster Minis back to finish our interior facility. 

John Salanga


Appleby Self Storage   www.applebyselfstorage.com

When our first self storage site was built 10 years ago, Monster Minis erected the buildings.  I was most impressed with not only the quality of construction and choice of materials used but also the quality of the management and workers on site.   I am in the process of developing additional sites and Monster Minis will be my first choice.  I am confident in their product, their workmanship, and their customer service. 

John Roberts


Some Place Safe Self Storage   www.someplacesafe.ca

In our existing facility in Guelph, some extra space became available.  We wanted to install some interior storage units to compliment our existing storage business.  Monster Minis took our initial drawings and presented us with a quote for the supply and installation of the units.  With attention to the extra wall liner we requested, they completed the installation and provided us with the new units we needed for our business.

Monster Minis’ on site crew worked with our staff to answer any questions that came up during the installation.  We were definitely pleased with the final product and plan on having Monster Minis back for additional storage units in the future.

 Andrew Lapstra


Brosko Property Management

Having worked with Monster Minis on previous cladding projects we asked them for their ideas on a couple of building ventures.  At one of our properties we were in need of a maintenance building for our superintendent and at another property we wanted to install a vehicle storage building for 22 vehicles. 

In both cases the finished buildings are exactly what we envisioned and we are pleased with the final product.  We would happily recommend Monster Minis Inc.

Sam Zeifman


Dunn’s Parry Sound Self Storage   www.dunnsparrysoundselfstorage.com

When the lease expired and was not renewed at our downtown Parry Sound property, we decided to install interior self storage units.  Monster Minis presented us with Supply and Install pricing for the unit mix we provided and offered an installation schedule to match our needs.

The finished product looks great.  Our customers are very happy and we are more than satisfied with our facility.  We hope to have Monster Minis back in the future.

Tim Dunn