Building Details

Monster Minis Buildings have an excellent final product quality.  Structural components are made from Galvanized G-90 material, providing enhanced protection.  The Janus roll up doors, filler panels and hallway components are finished with a new 3rd Generation Paint System called Super Durable Polyester, offering uncompromising quality and economy.  We are confident you will be completely satisfied with the finished building.

Other key points to know about our buildings and designs:

  • Detailed quotes are provided for each project for customer’s review
  • Monster Minis buildings come with complete sets of drawings
  • Building drawings are reviewed and stamped by a structural engineer
  • Floating concrete slab design is included in our drawings
  • Janus Long Life Roll Up Doors are standard with all Monster Minis buildings
  • Economical Building Designs – material gauges are determined by local loadings
  • We offer building layout assistance to maximize rentable square footage on site
  • Our building code knowledge helps to avoid approval delays